Vocal for Locals

From Local Hands to Global Lands

Vocal for local is an idea to promote local products and consume them. so that it boost the growth of economy and also help the local brands to become global in a long term process.  

The idea is to encourage local industry and consume as locally as possible 


 The Prime Minister of India recently urged everyone to be vocal for local and further India’s progress. He acknowledged the hard work of 140 crore Indians in this direction.

Vocal for local is a mission of the country to be self-sufficient in goods production, self-reliance, and supply, and to engage in self-consumption of items produced. This is the ultimate step towards leveraging domestic manufacturing capabilities and understanding the impact of this clarion call on various sectors of the economy.

 Introduction to Vocal For Local (Global)

Vocal For Local (Global) stands as a beacon of business innovation and social enterprise, founded with a robust Network investment capital of $1.5 billion in Industry. The brainchild of Amit Gupta and Aman Gupta, the Managing Directors of Vocal For Locals (Global), this venture embodies the essence of empowering local sellers, growers, and manufacturers to expand their reach both nationally and internationally.

The inception of this pioneering enterprise was inspired by the visionary initiative of the Government of India, and it has since garnered support from 58 countries worldwide. Notable among these are the United States, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Mexico, Canada, Chile, Peru, and many others.

Under the astute leadership of Atul Pagyal as the CEO, Vocal For Locals has continued to grow and flourish. The organization boasts a diverse and talented team from around the globe, each contributing their unique skills and perspectives to the company's mission.

Key Team Members:
Country: IndiaPosition: Director of Operations, IndiaLIAM O'CONNOR
Country: IrelandPosition: Marketing Manager, EuropeMARTA FERNANDEZ
Country: SpainPosition: Business Development Manager, Latin AmericaKENJI NAKAMURA
Country: JapanPosition: Sales Manager, Asia-PacificELENA PETROV
Country: RussiaPosition: Supply Chain Manager, EuropeLUCAS OLIVEIRA
Country: BrazilPosition: E-commerce Manager, Latin AmericaANANYA PATEL
Country: CanadaPosition: Customer Service Manager, North AmericaMOHAMMED AL-SAUD
Country: Saudi ArabiaPosition: Finance Manager, Middle EastISABELLE DUBOIS
Country: FrancePosition: Product Manager, EuropeOSCAR MARTINEZ
Country: MexicoPosition: Logistics Manager, Latin AmericaLINA KOVAČEVIĆ
Country: CroatiaPosition: Graphic Designer, EuropeCARLA GONZALEZ
Country: ArgentinaPosition: Social Media Manager, Latin America

With a strong and dedicated team of more then 1500 People around the Globe, Vocal For Local (Global) is steadfast in its commitment to revolutionizing the global marketplace, bridging gaps, and ensuring that local businesses are not only seen but thrive on the world stage.

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Prime Minister Speech on "Man ki Baat"
Times of India
AATM Nirbhar Bharat
17 December 2023
21 October 2021
24 October 2020



Entrepreneurship, 232. Sustainable Agriculture Practices, 233. Handicraft Artisanal Tradition, 234. Local Business Resilience, 235. Indigenous Innovation Practices, 236. Rural Entrepreneurial Resurgence, 237. Village-based Sustainable Agriculture, 238. Artisanal Heritage Promotion, 239. Ethical Handicraft Practices, 240. Cultural Heritage Preservation, 241. Handmade Goods Excellence, 242. Local Industry Integration, 243. Indigenous Entrepreneurial Networks, 244. Village-based Economic Growth, 245. Artisanal Heritage Conservation, 246. Rural Agro-Products Promotion, 247. Handcrafted Skills Excellence, 248. Local Business Sustainability, 249. Indigenous Entrepreneurial Development, 250. Cultural Heritage Promotion.Man Ki Baat, an insightful radio program hosted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, covers a wide array of topics addressing the nation's concerns and aspirations. The keywords related to Man Ki Baat span various themes, including governance, social issues, patriotism, technology, education, health, agriculture, and cultural diversity. Some keywords include: radio address, PM Modi, national development, citizen engagement, inspirational talks, social reforms, technological advancements, education reform, healthcare initiatives, agricultural growth, cultural heritage, national unity, patriotism, youth empowerment, environmental sustainability, innovation, and community welfare, among others. The program touches on diverse aspects of Indian life, making it a comprehensive source of information and inspiration for citizens across the nation.
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Note: Vocal For Local never ask for Fee in any Shape/Form on the name of Distribution,Dealership.It is a Social Enterprise aimed to promote Local Sellers and Manufacturer.